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03 Dec 2021

How Much Does a Pool Table Cost? Complete Price Guide

How Much Does a Pool Table Cost? Complete Price Guide

So, what determines the pool table price?


Material Quality - Slate or MDF wood?

Pool table price is affected by the materials the table is crafted from. Before you can play on the pool tables, they go through a thorough process of manufacturing. The manufacturers choose all the elements carefully, take precise measurements and pick up the materials for quality gameplay. A quality pool table has the following main parts: a solid cabinet construction, bed, and felt lining.

The bed table is one of the parts that make the pool table price go from $700 to $3000. “What’s the reason for that?”,- you may ask! That mostly depends on whether the bed is made from wood (MDF) or slate.

If you’re looking for the cheapest pool tables should consider the ones that are made of MDF. Keep in mind that MDF is a wood-based product and always costs less than others. But it doesn’t mean these tables have no quality. Some manufacturers offer durable MDF pool tables that you can play for years. Just keep them in a climate-controlled, dry area, and it won’t warp over time.

There’s no doubt that the most expensive pool table you can find on the market will be made of slate. Slate pool tables provide a more consistent play and excellent quality. You don’t have to take care of it as much as you would if you had an MDF pool table. Due to these features, professional pool players prefer slate over MDF bed. 




Obviously, the brand names that have years of history and are more popular than others cost more. The more well-known the brand is, the more expensive its products become. 

Their names on the table scream “quality” and “durability.” 

“.......”, for instance, is famous in the industry with their fancy and stylish pool tables. Their prices are comparatively high, but they definitely worth it!

Other brands like ………… are mostly for beginner-level gameplay. Accordingly, their prices are lower and affordable to almost anyone who wants to start learning the game.


Production Year


As you can guess, the latest pool table models in the market have the highest prices. They stand out with their new styles and innovative approaches. Each new production brings new hypes and vibes with it. 

If you want to buy a cheaper pool table, you should choose products that were crafted 2-4 years ago. However, if it’s about an antique pool table price guide mostly depends on the owners. They are the ones to decide how much their pool tables cost. 

Table size


Yes, however crazy it might sound, size does matter! As you know, pool tables usually have the following sizes- 7ft, 8ft, 8,5ft, and 9ft. So, the bigger the table is, the higher the price gets.

That’s mostly because manufacturers need more materials like MDF, wood, slate, felt, etc., to design larger pool tables. It costs more to produce these tables. Besides that, larger pool tables have more weight. That means you’ll have to pay more for shipping.  


Assembly and transportation


The weight of pool tables may vary from 100 to 1000 pounds! This is why you should never underestimate the price of its assembly and transportation. 

Of course, this doesn’t apply to lightweight pool tables, but for the installation of heavy ones, you’ll need some friends to help you or just professionals to install the table. The latter isn’t free of charge. Most assembly services cost between $300-$600. Don’t forget to add the cost of it to the pool table price if you think you’ll need similar services from professionals.


Folding options

Some pool tables have a folding option. The latter is perfect for small houses as they don't require much space. This is the main advantage of these pool tables as you can play them whenever and wherever you want.

However, pool tables with folding parts have their disadvantages, too. Their main disadvantage is that the folding part may cause some problems. Sometimes screws get loose. You'll also need to oil these parts frequently. Not the best option for busy people!


Pool table gear and Accessories


When you start browsing the webshops, you can note that some manufacturers like ………. include the essential must-have gear and accessories in their pool table collection. However, not all pool tables come with this accessory box. 

You can guess what it means, right? More money to spend on your pool game fun!

Luckily, you get budget-friendly gear and accessories on the internet. Here are the main items you’ll need to start the game:


Main gear


  • Cues:  A quality cue is the guarantee of a great game! That's why you should be careful when you choose them. Their price usually varies from $10 to $50. 3-4 cues will be enough for a start. 
  • Balls: A quality set of pool balls is not expensive. You can find them on almost all webshops. Make sure to have around $50 for a set of pool balls.
  • Triangles: This item is not expensive but plays a crucial role in the game. A quality set of triangles usually costs around $15.
  • Chalk: Chalk is among the inexpensive but important items you’ll need to play a smooth game. Why is it important? Because it helps you avoid miscues creating a solid contact with the cue and the ball. A pack of standard chalk costs around $7.

Main accessories


  • Cue Rack: Cue racks aren’t the most essential items, but they serve a certain purpose. They prevent the warpage of the cues, so you won’t have to buy them so often. Simply keep your cues in the rack instead of leaning them against the wall. You’ll need about $50 to buy a quality cue rack. 
  • Table Cover: Do you want to extend the life of your favorite pool table? Then you’ll definitely need to buy a table cover. Without a table cover, dust and debris accumulate on the table affecting its playability. The worst scenario could be spilling a hot coffee or cold beer on the table, after which you can forget about fast and smooth games. 

The good news is that some companies include table covers in their pool table collection. So you’ll get them for free. But you can still buy one for around $40 if the cover isn’t included in their collection.


Pool tables based on price: pros and cons

$500-$1000: Limited lifespan

If you want to buy a pool table under 1000, you should consider the ones crafted from MDF/wood or synthesized wood. You can have excellent games on such tables, but the main drawback is that they will serve you 3-6 years, not more. 

These types of tables may seem too “amateur” for frequent users. Professionals will need more expensive models that are made of slate. 

$1000-$2000: Longer than a decade

Do you think it’s not possible to buy the best pool table under 2000? Here’s the great news for you. These pool tables are usually made of natural wood. They have quality felt and better framing. They will provide quality gameplay even after a decade! Doesn’t this sound like a great option for long-term investment?

$2000-$4000: A table for several generations

These are usually the mid-level pool tables. Without spending too much money, you can learn the game on these tables and become a professional player as they are made of quality materials (quality felt, AAA gum cushions, and a slate) that provide professional gameplay. 

These tables usually come in 3 sizes- 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft and can be found at bars and other social gathering places. They are also an excellent choice for home as they have exquisite features. You can find a mid-level pool table that can match your home design perfectly.

By the way, choosing the right pool table dimensions may sound daunting, but we are here to speed up this process and give you all the necessary information here for the right choice of a pool table.


$4000-$20,000+: Pro-level gameplay

High-end pool tables ensure a lifetime guarantee. By buying one of such tables, you can be sure that you and your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids are going to play on it! 

Everything about this table is perfect: the gorgeous green felt, the quality rails and AAA cushions, everlasting woodwork. In other words, once you play on this table, it will become an unforgettable memory for you. 

The reason for such a price range is that famous brands are working on such tables, and all of them offer their own prices based on their hard work and the quality materials they use to provide the best pool game experience. They can even craft a custom table based on your preferred design and functionalities.

After reading all the main factors that affect pool table prices, you can calculate how much you need for your ideal pool table. If you need something for a beginner-level play, you can buy a pool table under 1000. If you’re searching for a table for professional gameplay, you should consider $300+ models.

Go to a pool table webshop and have a look at different products manufactured by different companies. Only after comparing their features, you’ll find the best pool table for your home or bar!

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