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11 Jan 2022

Pool Table Size Choosing Guide - Perfect Size for Your Room

Pool Table Size Choosing Guide - Perfect Size for Your Room

Choosing the Perfect Size Pool Table for Your Room


Okay, choosing the right pool table dimensions may sound daunting, but we are here to speed up this process and give you all the necessary information for the right choice of a pool table.

Ready to dive in? Then let’s go!


Minimum Required Room Dimensions to Have a Pool Table


Below you can find pool table room size that is required to have for a comfortable play based on the pool table size you want to buy:







7 FT.39” x 78”11’3” x 14’6”11’11” x 15’2”12’11” x 16’2”
8 FT.44” x 88”11’8” x 15’4”12’4” x 16’13’4” x 17’
PRO - 846” x 92”11’10” x 15’8”12’6” x 16’4”13’6”x 17’4”
9 FT.50”x 100”12’2” x 16’4”12’10”x 17’13’10” x 18’


Most people ignore the length of the cue stick they'll use to play the game. Remember that you'll need some space to pull the cue back and hit the balls. You don't want to hit the cue on the wall instead, do you? A little space around the pool table will be perfect for the cue motion and your stance.

However, it doesn't mean that the bigger the room, the better it is. Your pool table sizes should be suitable for your room dimensions. Choosing the biggest or the smallest table won't work here. Let's discover why you should choose one size over the other and which pool tables can be ideal for your room.


Get to Know the Standard Pool Table Sizes


The most common sizes of pool tables are 6-foot, 7-foot, 8-foot, and 9-foot. Each size requires a different pool table room and comes with its own features and strengths.

(We could add pics for each pool table describing what they are exactly for. For example, 6ft pool table- kids playing the game, 7ft- people playing billiard at bar, 8ft- taking part in tournaments, 9ft- professionals playing the game)

6-Foot Pool Tables

You can purchase a 6ft pool table if you want to save some space at home or bar. 6-foot pool tables are perfect for smaller rooms. Due to their compact sizes, kids find it easier to learn the game rules on these pool tables. 

Another advantage of 6ft pool tables is that you can quickly move them from one place to another. So, taking them to your summer house or weekend getaway won't be a problem. You'll be happy to find out how unique these tables are.

7-Foot Pool Table

The 7-foot pool table is also called the "bar box.” These are actually the most popular pool tables you can find at local bars. Unlike 6ft pool tables, you'll need some skills if you want to play on 7ft pool tables. That's mostly because the balls bunch into clusters, and you should break them. The main advantage of this pool table is that you can improve your skills on it. 7ft pool table dimensions, however, won't be enough for professionals. You’ll need a more extended table if you want to play like a professional.

8-Foot Pool Tables

8ft pool tables are also known as "Tournament tables" and are the golden middle of 7ft and 9ft pool tables. These are the best option for home practice and business owners who aim to improve their customers' experience.

They are also a good choice if you want to buy a table to play with your friends. You'll save your money but at the same time will have fun with them every night.

9-Foot Pool Tables

A 9ft pool table, also called a regulation pool table, is the best option for those who plan to play as a professional or enter tournaments. 

Keep in mind that these pool table dimensions will make your shots longer. That means 9ft pool tables can be perfect for those who are skilled and want to have some challenges. Professionals always prefer long tables when they compete against each other. 


What Are Regulation Size Pool Tables? Are they a solution?

A regulation size pool table can be defined as any table where the playing field is twice as long as it is wide. For example, the regulation standard 7ft pool table is 39" wide and 78" long. For an 8ft pool table, the sizes should be 88" long and 44" wide. 9ft regulation standard pool table is 100" long and 50" wide. 

Which Pool Table Size Is Right for Me?  

The shortest answer to this question is: it depends. Before buying a pool table, you should consider your playing style, level of the skills you have, your experience, and the table room size, of course.

Remember that each pool table has its "play character.” You'll notice it when you try playing on different size pool tables.

Calculate How Big Your Room Needs to Be

One of the crucial parts of choosing the right pool table is determining the pool table room size. Only placing it in your room won’t be enough for a comfortable game. You need to consider several factors, such as the space around it, your playing style, and level. 

If you want to calculate your room, here are just a few simple steps you should follow to find out the table room dimensions you need for your enjoyable evenings at home:

  1. Firstly, measure the length of the cue you're going to use in that room. Done? Now, let's double it. If you have a standard 57-inch cue, its length is 145cm. When you double it, you'll get 290cm.
  2. Measure the width of the playfield from the inside of each cushion
  3. Add the width of the playfield to the measured cue length and get the final figure. If the playfield width is 82cm, then you will get 82cm+290cm=372cm. The latter is the minimum room width you will need.
  4. Do the same with the length of the playing field. If it is 160cm, add the 290cm of your cue length measurement. You'll get the length of 450cm.
  5. 372cm and 450cm will be the minimum pool table room dimensions required for a comfortable play.

What about cue sizes?

As we can note from the calculations mentioned above, the length of the cue plays a crucial role if you want to find the perfect pool table for your home. Based on your playing style and match preferences, you can choose between longer, heavier cues and shorter, lighter cues.

In their turn, the latter can be as small as 52, 48 or 36 inches in length. You'll need them if your table is mostly for your kids or if you have load-bearing obstacles. However, regulation standard cues are 57-58 inches. Most sellers include these standard cues assuming that you'll be playing with them.

Remember that the taller you are, the longer reach you’ll have. So, taller players will need longer cues. 

The cue size is important if you want to discover how much space you’ll need around the pool table so that you don’t hit the wall when you pull the cue back. Here’s another equation for you to help you find out the right pool table room dimensions for your house:

Cue Times Two Method: Calculate the Play Area

Finally, it’s time to use the math you studied at school:

Playing surface length + (cue length x2) = play area length

Playing surface width + (cue length x2) = play area width

So, let’s assume you want to purchase a 7ft table and you’ll have a 48” pool cue:

78 + (48 x2)= 174

39+ (48 x2)= 135

According to this equation, your play area length should be 174” or 14’6”. The play area width should be 135” or 11’3”. 

Below you can find some more examples calculated according to the cue times two method: 









7 FT.

39” x 78”

11’3” x 14’6”

11’11” x 15’2”

12’11” x 16’2”

8 FT.

44” x 88”

11’8” x 15’4”

12’4” x 16’

13’4” x 17’

9 FT.

50”x 100”

12’2” x 16’4”

12’10”x 17’

13’10” x 18’


How to plan ahead?

There is no guessing game when it comes to buying a pool table. Follow these simple steps to plan the process ahead:

  1. Draw a copy of a pool table on the space you plan to place it.
  2. Measure the exact space where you're going to place the table.
  3. Consider where you'll stand when you start playing the game.
  4. Imagine you're holding a cue and pull it back to strike the ball. For a better calculation, you can use a cue or any other stick to see if you don't hit the wall when you pull it back for the strike.
  5. Mark the corners of the table.

Repeat this process until you discover the perfect pool table size for your room.


By the way, in this article you can find the factors that affect the overall pool table price. After reading it, you’ll be able to choose the perfect pool table for your home or bar based on your preferences.


How much space should I save?


Do you want to save the space and combine multiple functionalities? Choose transformer pool tables that can also become dining tables.

Nowadays, most manufacturers offer similar pool tables that offer space-saving functionalities and are a must-to-have in modern houses.

Several pool tables also have a storage bench that will help you keep the room tidy and put the accessories in one place.

Discover more two-in-one solutions browsing our online shop. There are many modern pool tables that will match the style and decor of your house.


Consider the furniture


When you start your calculations to find the perfect pool table size, don't forget about the furniture you have in the room you're going to place the pool table! Some pieces of furniture may interfere with cueing. 

Here's a simple rule you should consider: You may hit anything taller than your hips. However, lower pieces of furniture (tables, sofas) won't interfere with the cue.

Are you also going to add a pool table lightning to your room? Then, be sure to place the table under it!


Pool table size guides

We have created pool table room size guides to help you discover the best size of the pool table for your house.

Keep in mind, that this is just a general guide. You need to check the dimensions of each table you like and use those calculations to find whether they fit in your room or not. You can find each pool table dimension on their separate product pages. 

Pool Table Room Size Guide (Imperial)


Table SpecTable SizePlayfield48" Cue54" Cue57" Cue
British 6'75" x 44"63" x 32"159" x 128"171" x 140"177" x 147"
British 7'84" x 48"72" x 36"169" x 144"180" x 143"187" x 150"
American 7'93" x 54"79" x 39"175" x 135"n/a193" x 154"
American 8'102" x 59"88" x 44"184" x 140"n/a202" x 158"
American 9'114" x 64"100" x 50"193" x 146"n/a214" x 164"


Pool Table Room Size Guide (Metric)


Table SpecTable SizePlayfield48" Cue54" Cue57" Cue
British 6'190cm x 112cm160cm x 82cm404cm x 326cm434cm x 356cm450cm x 372cm
British 7'213cm x 121cm183cm x 91cm427cm x 335cm457cm x 365cm473cm x 381cm
American 7'235cm x 136cm200cm x 100cm444cm x 344cmn/a490cm x 390cm
American 8'259cm x 150cm224cm x 112cm468cm x 356cmn/a514cm x 402cm
American 9'290cm x 163cm254cm x 127cm489cm x 371cmn/a544 x 417cm


Let the Pros help you -  Call Us.


Having your own pool table at home will be fun. But choosing the perfect one for your house may be a boring and sometimes even a nerve-racking process. At Game Please, we will make this process as effortless and hassle-free as possible. If you have any questions about pool tables, don’t hesitate to call us. 

Let’s find the best pool table together!


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