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Believe it or not, but air hockey, the game we love so much today, was created by a company called Brunswick Billiards in mid 20th century. 

Engineers who brought to us the best bowling and billiards equipment and products also presented the world with such a wonderful and cool game like air hockey. 

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All and every air hockey table for sale will bring delight and the spirit of competition to your life! 

Let’s discuss the different types, and see which one of the air hockey tables will be a perfect fit for you. 


Air Hockey Tables for Indoors 

If you are looking to invest in this game to place it in your house, game room, apartment, office, or any other indoor space, you might want to research mini air hockey tables or even folding air hockey tables. 

It would be a great addition for your office to get people a great rest between busy work sessions and raise the spirit of companionship as well as competition. 

In a household, especially with children, you will benefit from the active game, which will be a much better alternative for video games. 


Air Hockey Tables for Outdoors

If you are looking to flair up your backyard with some entertainment options for your guests and family alike, a full size air hockey table will be an amazing choice. 

It will be the hit of outdoor parties, especially during the BBQ season, and something fun to do while enjoying great food, company, and weather. 


Professional Air Hockey Tables

Believe it or not, this game is also played on a professional level, and many people do invest in a professional air hockey table to make sure they get all the practice required to win tournaments. 


Air Hockey Tables for Hobby

In case you are an air hockey enthusiast and it’s one of your favorite hobbies, then you should definitely check out a wide selection of some of the best air hockey tables on the US market. 

Plus, it can be a great mild workout, as you need to stand on your feet and constantly stay on your toes not to let the puck get through. 


Full-Size Air Hockey Tables

As mentioned above, a full-size air hockey table would be an amazing addition to your backyard or garden. However, it can also be very cool to place one in your game room, basement or loft, if you have enough space and love active games. 


Foldable Air Hockey Tables

Again, we have talked on this matter, but to recap, it’s a great option for those who can’t afford to have a massive air hockey table out at all times. It can also be a great option for offices that follows the motto of “work hard and play hard” and want to unwind and bond over an air hockey game after a hard day’s work. 


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