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Foosball (also table football or table soccer) is a widely popular traditional American pastime activity for people of all ages!  

It’s fun, it’s active, and it’s also very entertaining to watch. Plus, you can play it practically anywhere and anytime, with whomever you wish. 

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First mentions of the game date back to the 1890s, however, it was patented as a game we know and love today in the United Kingdom in 1921. 

Let’s see what kind of different classic sports foosball tables are out there and how you can use each to accommodate your needs. 


Foosball Tables for Indoors 

We have marvelous foosball tables for sale that would look great in any indoor space. Those include garages, game rooms, office spaces, and so on. 


Home Foosball Table

Small foosball tables can be a great asset in your house or apartment if you are really into the game but don’t have much space. 

If you don’t have a dedicated room for games, you can put it in your living room or the studio apartment. You can find some very modern foosball tables that will look great in any interior. 


Office Foosball Tables

In case you have many foosball lovers in your office, it can be a great activity to unite people, and be a good workout and active rest during the busy work time. 

In case you have lavish space in your office, you can put a wood foosball table and enjoy the fun. If your area doesn’t allow that, a portable foosball table will do the trick and make your employees happy and keep the spirit of competition alive. 


Foosball Tables for Outdoors

An outdoor foosball table will be a great asset for your backyard or garden. You will have fun, stay active and get some fresh air all at once. 

Also, it can be great entertainment during BBQ season, to play with your friends and family. You can make a day of it, with a tournament in teams and a prize for the winner. 


Folding Foosball Tables

This option is a great idea for those who have problems with space. We have already mentioned the portable foosball tables above, but folding ones can be some of the best foosball tables out there. 

In case you want to play, you can take it out and have a game or two. When you need to use the space for something else, you fold it and put it away. 

Can be a great option for small and studio apartments, small homes, and offices. 


Coin-Op Foosball Table     

In case you want to place the foosball table in a public place, then a coin-op foosball table would be a great option to go with. Surely, it’s not a professional foosball table. However, it would serve just fine! 


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Our foosball tables are very easy to put together. The included excellent manual guides will take you every step of the way. 

In case your space can’t accommodate a foosball table at all times, we also offer foldable and compact options. 

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