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A game of Table Tennis, or as it’s widely called ping pong - originated in Britain in mid 19 century and was played by the upper class as an after-dinner game. 

This game has a worldwide fame and is loved and played by millions. 

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Very often we can see a ping pong table among other table games at resorts, schools, and even offices. The reason for that is simple - it’s fun, it’s quite active, and it’s small enough to fit pretty much anywhere. 

Let’s see in a bit more detail the ideal areas for some of the best ping pong tables out there. 




For Indoors

There is no place like home or office to place an indoor ping pong table. It’s a great game to play to relax your mind from work, to move around a bit during a short break, or have some minimal exercise after lunch. 

It also brings coworkers together, as you can play it in teams of 2 on each side of the table. 

It will also be a great addition to the game room at home - whether it’s in your basement or in the dedicated room. The ball will not get lost; the kids will be happy. Plus, what can be better than bonding with your kids over a nice game over a ping pong table. 


For Outdoors

A foldable ping pong table will look just right in your backyard as well, letting you, your family members, and friends enjoy the outdoors while having some exercise. 

With an outdoor ping pong table, you will also become the hit of the neighborhood and host lots of tournaments with neighbor kids wanting to hang at your house. Plus, it can be a great incentive for you to finish your work, as the game at the best ping pong table will be your reward. 





For those of you out there, who are looking to play this sport on a professional level, we can offer you a great selection of ping pong tables on the market. 

You will not be disappointed in our options and will install one of the best ping pong tables to practice your craft every day and go on to win matches and tournaments on a professional level. 


As a Hobby

For those of you who see table tennis as a hobby - existing or aspiring, we have an excessive collection of foldable ping pong tables that will be a great addition to any space. Whether you have a dedicated game room or want to transform your garden or living room into a table tennis extravaganza, we got you covered! 




Full Size

The full size ping pong tables - for indoor or outdoor use -would be perfect for those looking to install them on a permanent basis. 

Although the tables are usually not very heavy, it can be a hassle to move them sometimes. 

However, suppose you have decided on an indoor ping pong table and have a dedicated space for it or a game room. In that case, you will be able to keep yourself fit, meanwhile exposing yourself to the acute stress of healthy competition, which is only beneficial. 



The option of a foldable ping pong table would be ideal for those who like to go camping, don’t have much space to keep it standing all the time, or want to cover it from unpleasant weather conditions. 

Plus, it can be a great entertainer for barbeque days and while out in nature. 


Why shop at GamePlease

We offer a multitude of added services like a 30-day money-back guarantee and free delivery, but the most important value we focus on is quality! 

All our best ping pong tables come at the highest quality, as we partner only with the best manufacturers out there. 

At GamePlease, you will also find the best prices and value for money, as we get good quality by using good materials. 

There are many options available, from foldable and compact to full size ones, with easy assembly and an excellent manual guide.