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Shipping and Delivery Policy


Most game tables will be shipped by freight as a standard shipping method. The delivery process of freight shipments differs from FedEx/UPS deliveries. Please make sure to be familiar with all the details in our Shipping & Delivery and Refunds & Returns Policies.



As soon as you place an order, you will get a confirmation email. Please review the payment and delivery details very carefully, and in case of an error, contact us right away. There might be additional fees applied if the information needs to be corrected after the shipment as a result of a customer error or a typo.  

All of the orders we receive are normally processed on the same day. Depending on the supplier and the product, lead time may be extended. In case the product is out of stock, we will register your order as a backorder and let you know the moment it’s ready for shipment.  



We process all the orders on the same day we get them. In case we have the product in stock, we will normally ship it within 1-7 business days. Custom orders and made-to-order products might take a bit longer to ship - 2-4 weeks, depending on the manufacturer. Lead and Delivery timeframe also differ by manufacturer. Any listed delivery timeframes are merely estimates, which we cannot guarantee. 

Most of the game room tables and similar large items, which include but are not limited to table tennis tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables, poker tables, and pool tables, are considered to be freight shipments. Thus you are expected to be at the delivery address during the delivery arrival in order to inspect the package for damages and accept the order. 


Choose a Delivery Method

When you order from Game Please and choose any of the delivery methods stated below, you agree that the product will fit through your doorway. In the unfortunate case of the product being too large to put into your room of choice, any changes that are associated with dismantling/reassembly of the product or returning it will be solely on you. 

The shipping options below are offered for most products we sell. (For exclusions, refer to Brand Specific Delivery Options below).

Free Curbside Delivery: $0 (for a limited time) 

As of now, we offer free curbside delivery on most of our freight orders. Just like the name suggests, the delivery driver will park on the curb outside of your place. You are responsible for removing the item from the truck, as the driver is not obliged to help you remove the product from the truck, only if he chooses to do so at his/her own discretion. We highly advise you to go with the Liftgate Service and have someone helping you. The liftgate service is available at checkout. 

Note: In case you can’t remove the product from the truck, you will be responsible for the storage and/or return shipping fees. 

Curbside Liftgate Delivery: $70-$80

In case you wish to order the Liftgate service delivery, you can easily do it either during the checkout or after. In this case, the driver will take out the product from the truck himself and put it on the curb. Moving the product inside, though, will be your responsibility. We suggest you have a friend to help you, along with a dolly. 

Front Door/Garage Delivery: $174

In this case, the driver is responsible to remove the product from the truck and place it either in front of your door or in your garage. Moving it into the room later on is your responsibility. 

White-Glove Delivery: $500+ (delivery option is unavailable at this time)

This is the easiest delivery method for the buyer as the driver is responsible for everything - removing the product from the truck and delivering it to the room of your choice, inside your house. Additional charges may apply in case your house is difficult to access; there is more than one flight of stairs, or in case of any other obstacles along the way. 

Note: This type of delivery does/does not include a setup, depending on the purchased product. Make sure to contact us to get an exact quote. 


Schedule Delivery Date

The moment you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email. You are expected to check that all the information is accurate, especially such info as billing, shipping, delivery, item, and contact information.  

We will also send you a reminder to add a Liftgate Service to your order. In case you have already added the Liftgate Service to your order, or the product won’t be shipping through freight, then discard the notice. However, if you wish to add the Liftgate Service at the time, please notify us immediately, so we can arrange it.  

As soon as the truck with your order leaves the warehouse, we will send you an email with all the necessary tracking information. 

The shipping company will then get in touch with you by the phone number that you have provided during the purchase in order to schedule a delivery date and time frame. 

In case the delivery address is determined to be difficult or impossible to access for the large truck, additional charges may apply. We suggest you talk through any possible difficulties with the freight company prior to delivery. 

In case any problems come forth, we will do everything we can to sort them out. However,  keep in mind that any mishaps or delays during the shipping process are outside of the scope of Game Please.


Before signing for delivery, make sure you have thoroughly inspected the package visually. In case you see any damages, like holes or tears on the box, and note them on the bill when signing. 

The driver MUST note any damage on the "bill of lading" before you sign for it. If he/she fails to do so, there will be no physical proof of the damages occurring during shipping and not after. In this case, the freight company won’t be liable for these damages. 



It is essential that there is a person present upon delivery to inspect the package for damages or missing parts BEFORE CONFIRMING DELIVERY WITH THE DRIVER. Make sure to confirm the package condition, and the number of boxes you received matches the number presented on the bill. In case you see any damages to the box or think that the item inside the box might be damaged, make sure to put that on the delivery receipt. If you fail to do so, no refunds/replacements can be made and an insurance claim filed. 

In case you notice any damages after you have signed the receipt, you will not be eligible for any refunds/replacements. In the unlikely case of damages during shipment do occur, please follow the above steps. 

In case your order arrives incomplete or damaged, closely follow these instructions:

  • Note any damage (tears, holes, crushed cardboard) to the package on the delivery bill.
  • Note any missing items.
  • Take photos of all sides of the box as proof of damage.
  • Send the pictures to [email protected] so we can file an insurance claim/replacement.
  • NOTE: In case you refuse the delivery for a reason other than damages, you will be liable for a 25% restocking fee as well as all freight costs (to and from the delivery address).


In case the box/package looks OK/undamaged, but you think the item inside may be damaged, follow the exact instructions below:

  • Note "possible concealed damage" on the delivery bill.
  • Carefully inspect the item during/after unpackaging.
  • In case it is indeed damaged, take photographs of the box from all sides and the product itself. (Insurance/manufacturers require photographs of both the box and the product.)
  • Under no circumstance should you dispose of the damaged product until the manufacturer or Game Please provides further instructions.
  • DO NOT THROW THE BOX AWAY. (In order to process a replacement or a refund claim, the original box and packaging must be returned. No exceptions are possible.)
  • Report damage to [email protected] within five calendar days of delivery. 


NOTE: In case the damage to the product is minor, we might send you a replacement part instead of a refund. 


Note that the product (s) that are subject to refunds have to be professionally packaged. It would also be a good idea to ensure the returns for damages and loss, as we do not issue refunds on any damaged or missing/lost products or inconsistent with the pictures provided. 

Another note to bear in mind is that most products we sell have a manufacturer’s warranty. In case the item arrived to you with defects due to production and not shipping - make sure to contact the manufacturer, following the instructions in the included paperwork. Contact us for any further clarifications or if you have questions.  



When ordering from Game Please, we automatically cover your order with shipping insurance. What it means is when you get a damaged product, and the damage was the result of the shipping, you might get a full refund or replacement from the supplier, provided you follow our “Damages” policy to the t.

In case you sign the delivery receipt without placing notes on damages, the shipping insurance is no longer liable. The manufacturer will not issue any replacement or refund. 

In compliance with the shipment insurance claims procedure, you need to hold on to the damaged item for the duration of the claim. In case you get rid of the product or item before any instructions from the manufacturer or us, you forfeit the protection provided by the shipping insurance. 

We will do our best to expedite the insurance claim process. As soon as the claim is completely processed, you will receive a refund (the amount reimbursed by the shipping company) - minus the both-way shipping costs. In case the shipping company denies the claim, we won’t be able to issue you a refund. 

We are more than happy to answer all your queries and questions regarding the shipping insurance. Simply contact our 24/7 support at 415-993-6726 or at [email protected].



  • The items that are temporarily out of stock but available for purchase on our website are called backorders.
  • You can order now, and we will ship the purchase the moment we get it.
  • The backorders are filled in the same order as they come in.
  • When available, the estimated shipment time is shown on the product page.
  • We will charge your credit card to ensure your place in line.
  • Estimated shipment dates can be potentially delayed, as they are merely estimates.

We try our best to ship the items as soon as possible. However, some products can be temporarily out of stock due to the high volume of orders. That’s the reason we place backorders on those products. All you have to do is order and pay at the moment, and we will send it as soon as it’s available again. The shipment order of backorders is the same as we receive them, which basically means we ship your order before the later orders have been received for the same product. Backorders are only available on our website to make sure you reserve your place in line.

Do I have to prepay for the back-ordered product?

Yes. The payment process for the back-ordered product is the same as when the product is in stock. The full payment will guarantee your place in line for the shipment once the product is available again and receive it sooner than others. 

When will you ship my back-ordered product?

You can see the estimated shipping dates for the product on the product page. Please keep in mind that those are merely estimates and can be delayed due to various components. Everything depends on your place in line for the product, the volume of orders, the shipping, and manufacturing schedules - the estimate can be delayed. As we have stated before, guaranteeing a specific date of shipment is out of our reach. We ship the back-ordered products the moment they are available - on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Will you notify me when the product is shipped? 

Yes, we will. We will send you a confirmation email the moment you place your order.  We will also send you an email with a tracking number as soon as your order ships. Just remember that the responsibility of tracking the shipment falls on the customer. Game Please is not responsible for the emails that were not received by the customer. Some of the widespread mistakes include outdated or misspelled email addresses, SPAM filters, hot service blocks, or the inability of the customers to access their emails. 

Can I cancel my backorder?

Yes, you can. However, the canceled backorder products are subject to a 3% cancellation fee. 



We highly recommend you not to delay any order deliveries done through Game Please. In case you need an exact delivery date, coordinate with us first before you order the shipment from the shipping company. Otherwise, the returning of the product to the manufacturer might be solely your responsibility. Storage fees of 3-5 days may also apply, and you surely don’t need all that headache.

In case you are not available for delivery or refuse it: 

  • The freight carrier will return the custom product to the manufacturer. In turn, the manufacturer might not accept the return. In this case, the responsibility for the full cost of the product, plus any additional shipping or third-party fees that may apply, falls solely on you.
  • The freight company may also store the product on their premises till the next rescheduled delivery date. In this case, the responsibility for the storage and additional shipping fees falls solely on you. These fees need to be paid in full before the rescheduled delivery date for the order.
  • The freight carrier stores the product on their premises and then returns it to the manufacturer. In this case, you get a full refund, MINUS the 25% restocking fee, the actual shipping costs both ways, and the storage fee.

If the delay in shipping was caused by the shipping company 

  • All the dates and times of the freight delivery are estimations. Several unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control can cause delays in delivery. Financial responsibility for delays that are out of anyone’s control doesn’t fall on you. These delays can’t be ground for cancelation, and you allow for their resolution in a timely manner.


NOTE: In extremely rare cases, freight companies may misplace or lose your product. If you allow the company to resolve the issue, you will not be responsible for the loss. We will do our best to expedite the solution of the issues. 


Blanket Policy

Please be aware, that we are trying our best to keep all the policies updated, however, some of the information might be incomplete as the manufacturer’s policies are constantly changing. We do update our website on a regular basis with the latest’s updates from the manufacturer. However, if the information on our website differs from the one of the manufacturers’, please do follow their shipping and return policies. 


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