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Simple Financing

Simple Ways to Finance the Game Table of Your Dream

Game Please. Putting your convenience first has many partners to offer you a variety of options to finance your order. 

All the financing options are available at checkout. 

After you fill in the shipping information, you will be redirected to the payment section, where you will see all available payment options. The first and default option is the Credit Card and the rest of the options are available below. 

No matter the payment method is chosen, once paid, the shipping and delivery time will stay the same.  

Read below about the various financing options, and see which one fits you best.  


This option is perfect for those who don’t want to disclose their credit card information. You can either pay the full amount or use the PayPal Credit option. 

There is no interest when using the PayPal Credit service if you pay the full price within 6 months on any purchases starting from $99.

  • In case you don’t pay the full amount within 6 months, an interest rate will be charged to your account. 
  • Since PayPal Credit is one of the services of PayPal, you can count on the same level of security, trust, and flexibility. 
  • For further information regarding PayPal Credit Click here.


Steps to follow when choosing PayPal Credit at checkout:

  1. Add products to your shopping cart
  2. Click on "PayPal" as a payment option on the checkout page
  3. Select "PayPal". At this point, you will get access the PayPal’s secure page
  4. Either log in or create a new free account in PayPal
  5. When on the PayPal website, select the PayPal Credit option
  6. Fill out all the necessary information and follow the application instructions 
  7. You will know right away whether or not you were approved


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